On World Water Day, the Global Water Marathon called «Run Blue» started.

The “Run Blue” water marathon is organized and held with the support of the Thirst Foundation by the global activist and marathon runner Mina Guli in the most extreme places on the planet in all countries of the world (200 marathons) in 12 months with the involvement of more than 200 million people and will end in a year at the opening of the UN Water Conference on 22 of March 2023.

As part of the “Run Blue” water marathon, 6 global running and walking events will be held throughout the year, including the World Water Run, World Wetland Run, World Climate Run, Sweat4Soap”, “World River Run”, aimed at raising the global community’s awareness of water related issues and most importantly, inspiring action on water. The marathon also aims to get 200 companies to commit to taking individual action on water as part of the UN-2023 Water Conference.

The main goal of the marathon- to promote the achievement of the goals and objectives of the International Decade for Action “Water for Sustainable Development, 2018-2028”, to attract the attention of the world community to the increased water problems, to motivate and call for action, to mobilize efforts to achieve real changes. The marathon also focuses on climate change and demonstrates the strong link between climate and the water cycle and the need to bring these two global agendas together.

The important aim of the Marathon is to attract the attention to the UN Conference on the Midterm Comprehensive Review of progress towards achieving the goals of the International Decade for Action “Water for Sustainable Development”, 2018-2028 (UN-2023Water Conference), which will be held on 22-24 March 2023 in New York.

The UN- 2023 Water Conference is co-chaired by Tajikistan and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, determined to make it a watershed moment for the whole world.

Global Water MARATHON «Run Blue»