On 19 August 2023, the second day of the 38th UN-Water meeting, which provided an overview of the discussions of the first day on the next steps for implementing the outcomes of the UN 2023 Water Conference was held in Stockholm.
Participants also discussed preparations for upcoming outreach events such as World Water Day and events led by the Task Force on Water and Climate with a special focus on the United Nations General Assembly Resolution Declaring “2025 as the International Year for Glaciers’ Preservation” proposed by the Republic of Tajikistan.
During the meeting, UN-Water determined that the theme of World Water Day 2025 would be glacier preservation.
Mr. Sulton Rahimzoda, Special Envoy of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan to the Water and Climate Coalition Leaders, took part in the 38th meeting of UN-Water from the Republic of Tajikistan.